JGU Leadership Project (English Content)

A new culture of leadership at JGU

Prof. Dr. Georg Krausch, President of JGU


By developing common leadership principles, the project “JGU Leadership - Shaping Change” has initiated the process of further developing a new leadership culture for the entire university. This year, we will implement a variety of measures and strategic concepts in order to realize the new leadership principles.

In eight sub-projects, more than 70 colleagues from all parts of the university develop individual concepts that are tailored specifically to the needs of our organization. This process has the full support of the university management board. We are convinced that good leadership provides a framework for excellence both in research and teaching.


Prof. Dr. Mechthild Dreyer, Vice President of JGU


Why do we need ‘JGU Leadership’?

Changing demands from third parties on higher education institutions, increasing competition among universities when it comes to the acquisition of external resources but also specific internal developments within the organization require more than ever a professional leadership culture. In the past, however, leadership knowledge has mostly been self-taught, as professional qualifications focus primarily on subject-specific contents.

Since 2006, human resources development at JGU offers specific programs and seminars in the field of strategy and leaderships to offer targeted support for JGU employees with managerial responsibilities in the university administration and the scientific field. Both members of JGU and of other higher education institutions appreciate this offer and the demand is remarkably high.

The JGU-Leadership program, which was supported by both the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung, pools individual programs, develops them further and provides a theoretical leadership concept that considers quality assurance aspects. The professional leadership concept reflects the needs of a science organization. The aims are to:

  • promote creativity
  • appreciate diversity
  • promote the employee’s self-reliance
  • promote future orientation

On the basis of this concept, the Senate passed JGU’s Leadership Guidelines in December 2011. For the implementation of these guidelines, targeted individual measures and processes were developed from scratch or adapted by working groups during the project to support employees with managerial responsibilities in carrying out their duties.

Our task now is to ensure the sustainability of these efforts. In addition to the implementation of specific offers, the long-term establishment of specific instruments and the connection with our university-wide strategy development, sustainability will be ensured by the active participation of JGU managers in the leadership development programs of JGU Leadership. You are cordially invited to take part and seize this opportunity!


The Leadership Project at JGU

In December 2010, JGU’s project proposal ‘Shaping Change - Developing JGU Leadership’ won the tender of the Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft and the Heinz Nixdorf Stiftung.

“Shaping Change - Developing a JGU Culture of Leadership”
The project team began work in December 2011 with the challenge of developing and implementing a new leadership culture that considers the consensus-orientated and participative structures currently in place at the University. Both ‘participation’ and ‘expert culture’ form the basis for the development of common leadership principles, for the conception and implementation of measures in the field of human resources and beyond as well as for the sustainable incorporation of our new leadership culture across all fields, disciplines, management levels and decision-making bodies of the university.

The project aims at achieving the following goals:

  • Development of leadership guidelines both for the administrative and scientific staff, while involving as many managerial staff members and groups of JGU as possible.
  • University-wide acceptance of our leadership culture and integration in human resources development programs
  • Ensure the sustainability of the cultural change by establishing long-term structures, which will continue to steer the change-process and to adapt to future requirements after the current project has ended.

On the following pages we would like to present the structure, content, goals and current results of the JGU Leadership Project. Above all, we would like to invite and encourage you to take an active part in this cultural change project. Every employee of JGU has the opportunity to personally participate in the development of a new leadership culture in the years to come. We look forward to working with you on this exciting project.