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Behind the scenes of the German system of research and higher education

HRG, WGL, ExStra - this may be a terminological jungle to you?
This course gives answers to all aspects of the German system of research and higher education.

You`re benefit::
The course provides an overview of the institutions, programs and degrees in German higher education as well as the structure and underlying principles of research funding in Germany. After the introductory lecture many abbreviations will no longer sound like words from a foreign language to you. The talk is followed by a discussion, e.g., about the way the German system of higher education works and in which direction it might develop in the upcoming years. As the agenda in this interactive part is set up by the participants you are invited to bring in your questions and concerns. The course will help you to manage the funds for your research group in an effective way and to plan institutional development in a sustainable way.

- Institutions in the German system of research and higher education
- Programs and degrees (in international comparison)
- Financing and decision-making in research funding in Germany

Veranstaltungsnummer:  20190228  
Termin/e:  29.10.2019 14:00 - 16:00  
Dauer:  2 Stunden  
Zielgruppe:  Führungskräfte  
Teilnahmezahl:  max. 12 Teilnehmer  
Veranstaltungsleitung:  Frau Helga Juli  
Lebenslauf:  Ausbildung:
- Studium Politikwissenschaft und Germanistik (Magister)
- Studium Hochschul- und Wissenschaftsmanagement (MBA)
berufliche Stationen:
- Referentin des Präsidenten der JGU (2007-2013)
- Geschäftsführerin Exzellenzcluster PRISMA (seit 2013)
Gebühr für Externe Teilnehmende:  25,00 €   

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